SPX APV Hybrid Eşanjör

APV Hybrid Eşanjör Teklif Formu
APV Hybrid Eşanjör SPX APV Hybrid Eşanjör
Hybrid Plakalı Eşanjör : Hybrid Kaynaklı Plakalı eşanjörler borulu eşanjörlerle birlikte Contalı plakalı eşanjörlerin tüm avantajlarını sağlayan kombine bir plakalı eşanjördür. APV Hybrid plaklaı eşanjör geniş sıcaklık dereceleri ile çok değişken esneklik sağlamaktadır.
HE APV HYBRID proves superior in any respect when compared to shell & tube heat exchangers with the usual construction design and identical conditions for process engineering. Its compact design allows a heating surface density of 250 m²/m³. The special construction of the flow pattern ensures that the heat transfer for gases as well as for liquids is extremely enhanced. A further advantage in comparison with shell & tube heat exchangers is the high economic efficiency of the APV HYBRID HEAT EXCHANGER. The use of less material means considerable cost reduction potential when high-grade alloys are required