APV – High Thermal Performance and Operating Reliability


  • Perfect coexistence of plate pack with APV corner lock system
  • Efficient flow distribution, no dead zone
  • Maximum heat transfer – desired stable flow with minimal fouling and desired pressure drop
  • Easy-Clip seals stay tight during operation and do not contact the outside

Distribution Region

  • Effective flow distribution
  • Distributed throughout the plate to minimize the risk of dead space
  • Combined with plate groove patterns to maximize heat transfer area

Heat Transfer Area

  • It is designed to provide highly stable flow with minimal contamination and desired pressure loss.
  • Various plate designs – their geometries are shaped according to specific performance needs
  • Maximum heat transfer created as a result of advanced engineering expertise and dedication

Corner Lock System

  • Perfect coexistence of plate pack with APV corner lock system
  • Locking of plates to create a solid plate package
  • Making it possible to use thinner and more thermally efficient plates
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Minimizing downtime

Easy-Clip Gasket

  • It is designed to stand firmly during operation.
  • Easy and fast replacement opportunity that reduces maintenance time

APV Easy-Clip

  • There are safety channels to prevent mixing of fluids.