Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers – Industrial

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers – Industrial Models

It is the conventional type Plate Heat Exchanger which consists of plate, gasket and body.

Plate Heat Exchanger Features:

Plate Heat Exchanger Application Areas: Heating, cooling and heat recovery applications in works including water, sea water, glycol, acid, oils, gases and detergents in industry and energy.
Plate Heat Exchanger Description: Painted carbon steel industrial bodies. Studded or spindle designs are available.
Pressure: 0 – 25 bar
Connections: 20 mm – 500 mm ( ¾’’ – 20’’ )

Plate Heat Exchanger Advantages:

  • A strong front and rear body surface with powder oven paint
  • Studs can be removed horizontally without unscrewing the nuts, quick disassembly
  • Many industrial design standards. eg: ASME, U-Stamp ve PED Cat. IV