Hybrid Heat Exchanger – All Welded Design

Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchanger – Hybrid


Application areas: It is generally used at high temperature and high pressure for heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation. E.g; used in energy, chemical, petrochemical and sugar industry applications.
Description: The fully welded gasketless plate heat exchanger Hybrid consists of high efficiency plates and a strong channel structure. It is designed to operate under difficult conditions where extremely low pressure loss is required, if necessary, where other heat exchangers cannot perform due to temperature and pressure limitations. Thanks to its compact and flexible design, the APV Hybrid takes up 5-10 times less space than conventional tube heat exchangers that perform the same tasks.


Plates: AISI 316L or many alloys
Main Body: AISI 316L or carbon steel
Temperature: Operating temperature, PED 97/23 EK:-40°C den 350 °C Operating temperature, ASME VIII: -28 °C den 350 °C ye
Pressure: -1 _32 bar
Heat transfer area / Capacity: Up to 436 m2 in each unit
Maintenance: Full cleanability and fixation without removing the pipe connections. More cleaning possibilities with the CIP system


  • High efficiency
  • High capacity
  • Low pressure loss
  • It is extremely flexible
  • Easy maintenance and observation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Less space