Semi Welded Heat Exchanger – ParaWeld

Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchanger – ParaWeld

SPX APV Welded Heat Exchanger: It is a semi-welded type Plate Heat Exchanger that allows safe and flexible use on the other side due to the absence of gaskets on one side of the flow plates.


Application Areas: It has wide use in heat transfer of single and two phase fluids in refrigeration, chemical, petrochemical and industrial markets. Welded plates are designed for the use of aggressive liquids.
Description: Pairs of corrugated plates are welded. Plate pairs are separated from each other by gaskets (welded plate pairs are used on the process side and normal gasket technology is used on the other side)


Plates: AISI 316, AISI 304, Titanium, C2000 and many alloys
Gaskets: NBR, EPDM, FKM, Paramine and others
Temperature: Rubber gaskets: -45 _250 °C
Pressure: 0 – 35 bar
Heat transfer area / Capacity: Until 2000 m2
Maintenance: Welded side: Cleaning with CIP system Sealed side: Full access for cleaning and inspection.


  • High efficiency due to counter flow
  • Reducing the risk of leakage
  • Thermal stress endurance
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Combining different gasket materials for cost-effectiveness solutions