Flexible Screw Pumps

SFP Flexible Screw Pumps

The SFP pump is a flexible Screw pump. By design, these pumps can be reversed, self-priming and can not sink from a maximum height of 5 meters.
Such pumps are designed to pump both low- and high-viscosity products, as well as products containing particulates or gasses.
The main applications are transfer of dairy products, edible oils, wine and beverages to the general public.
A vacuum is created on the suction side due to the eccentric shape of the pump body.
It enlarges the volume between the blades and allows this product to be absorbed.
The rotor rotates and moves the product to the suction and discharge outlet.
Due to the eccentric shape of the pump body, the blades bend on the discharge side,
Reducing the volume between them causes the product to be emptied.

Design and features

  • Bare shaft or closely connected structure.
  • Reversible and self-priming pump.
  • Machined casting frame.
  • The wheel is a double straight ride.
  • External single mechanical seal.
  • Easy maintenance.