MIX Mixing system (Disinfectant Unit)

The unit includes a sealed tank where the mixing is performed by means of a central agitator (and a radial agitator, if necessary). The lid has an opening which is used for inspection and material loading, the diameter of which is in correspondence with the capacity of the unit. Furthermore, the lid also holds the agitator, with or without lifting mechanism. The agitator speed is controlled by an electronic variable speed drive.

The unit includes a rotary lobe, progressive cavity or centrifugal pump to transport the product from the tank to the exterior or to an intense agitation system, of a disperser, emulsifier, or solid-liquid mixer type.

The system also includes an auxiliary loading and additive premixing tank.

All this equipment is arranged as a single block assembly that is electrically interconnected and ready to operate when connected to the required ancillary services.

The entire unit is mounted on a base plate which incorporates the electrical panel.

Available optional accessories are a raw material feed pump, a liquid ring vacuum pump, and a CIP cleaning system.