Winebrane is a system for accurately managing dissolved gas concentrations in wine. The most common applications are de-carbonation, de-oxygenation, carbonation and adjustment of CO2 in white, red and rosé wines. The system is installed before the bottling stage to adjust the gas concentration of wine before its storage or bottling process.

Operating principle

The main component of the system is a hydrophobic membrane system, only gases with low molecular weight can pass through the barrier, thus the structural properties of the wine after the gas adjustment remain unchanged avoiding the loss of aromatic components.

Design and features

The design and construction of the units is performed in compliance with the requirements of the food-processing industry:

  • parts in contact with the product: St.St. AISI 316
  • frame: St.St. AISI 304
  • lobe rotor pump
  • seat valves and butterfly valves
  • separating membrane pressure gauge
  • St.St. thermometers
  • control panel: St.St. AISI 304
  • polypropylene membrane

The design is CIP cleanable (alkaline solution and disinfectants), units can also be sanitised with hot water.


Automated units are provided with a touch screen to control and display the production process and a PLC of an automatic system that controls and manages the gas adjustments (PID adjustment loops).

Every unit is provided with all the instrumentation necessary for a precise gas adjustment like flowmeters, temperature sensors, pressure transducers, CO2 analysers and actuators (valve regulating gas entry).
It can optionally be equipped with O analysers to display the O2 concentration on the touch screen.